Thursday, June 18, 2009

Solvang Double 3/28/2009

Completed my first double on Saturday at Solvang. As advertised it is a good first double. Mostly flat, very fast if you are in group and can set up a paceline. I picked up one in the morning and averaged 25 for a few miles. Lucked out with very good weather, sunny all day, no real wind. Sunday going home the fog was back and well inland. I finished in 13:45 total, 11:50 actually on the bike.

I rode the afternoon with Andy Cedilnik from Tivo, who is the Waves to Wine captain for their team! Highway 1 almost claimed another victim as at one point the road edge has crumbled away and Andy, who had let his attention wander, almost fell off the edge, much as Garland did on Waves to Wine 2008. Fortunately he just managed to hang on to the road but it was close.

Next up is the Devil Mountain Double on 4/18. Sublime to the ridiculous.

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